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Payvand Clinical, Specialty, Pathology, Medical Genetic and Molecular Laboratory based in Tehran, Iran which was established in 2004 by Doctor Behzad Poopak the former president of Iranian Association of Clinical Laboratory Doctors and Associate professor at Islamic Azad University - Tehran medical branch, Payvand has provided the best testing service including routine tests as well as special tests which require more sophisticated protocols and equipment for providing fast, precise and accurate results, since May 2018, to expend the scope of work, the departments of Pathology and Medical Genetic was added to complete the list of tests and services which has been provided to the patients and customers.

The quality control process and testing is more frequent than most other laboratories. From 2011 onward, Payvand has been continuously awarded the Quality Certificate from the Iran Health Reference Laboratory of Ministry of Health and Medical Education and also received international standard and quality certificates of ISO9001 and ISO10002, and also become the member of molecular diagnostic network of IFCC.

Payvand Clinical and Specialty Laboratory is expanding its test menu and automation in all departments to control costs and maintain superior turnaround time (TAT) for its customers as it carries out over 3000 tests per day on patient specimens from a range of over 700 tests, available. Payvand Clinical and Specialty Laboratory is one of the laboratories in Iran that is recognized as a referral laboratory, in large scale in Tehran and a national diagnostic center by more than 70 laboratories across the country. 

Payvand Clinical and Specialty Laboratory consists of more than 80 well-known, highly educated, talented and multidisciplinary team of Doctors, scientists and Technicians with minimum of Bachelor’s degrees, knowledge and experience in the fields of Molecular diagnostics, Flow cytometry, FISH, Hematology & Coagulation, Biochemistry, Immunology/Serology, Microbiology, Pathology and Medical Genetics and has strong reputation in all these fields.

Since beginning of 2018 the laboratory decided to add the team of experts in the marketing department to expand the laboratory horizon to the bigger national interactions and definitely international interactions.




Our purpose is:

  • Expand the laboratory Provide the latest laboratory diagnostic tests to any healthcare center and patients without considering their geographic locations or backgrounds. Because of that We focus on many fields such as finding new diagnostics test to help patients have longer, healthier and happier life. For example, a simple blood test could use to help doctor to make the best decision for therapy and be a life changer for patients. We want to create value through developing new diagnostic test solutions and we aim for as many people with each level to benefit from them as possible.
  • Expand international communication: we believe that good business means a better world, we do this today to build a better tomorrow.
  • Improve the quality of lives through increased national and international communications for boost knowledge, introducing the lab and providing services to various centers everywhere. It’s what makes us better and more innovative.

Position Summary: Payvand lab Marketing department is responsible for planning, Researchers in many different fields (such as new devices, new diagnostic tests, new methods, translate new guidelines, preparing brochure, pamphlet, book, patient manual, …) , attend and plan Seminars/Workshops, Training, Website Lab Management, Sales, organizing national and international relationship and etc.



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