The purpose of collecting a 24-hour urine sample is to measure and evaluate the rate of excretion of different substances (such as protein, Creatinine, calcium, etc.) in the urine within 24 hours of the day.


Collection method

  1. Dispose of your first urine at the specified hour in the morning.

  2. Pour all your urine in a special container every time you urinate.

  3. Continue pouring the urine into the container for up to 24 hours.

  4. Pour your last urine the next day in the special container right on the time you have thrown away the morning urine on the previous day.

    1. Transfer the sample container as soon as possible to the laboratory.

      Example: Throw away the urine at 7 am and then collect all your urine samples in the provided urine container until the next day 7 am.

  5. Check that the container has the patient's name, surname and ID number, as well as type of specimen and the date and time of

  6. At the time of delivery please inform the laboratory staffs and place the sample container in the toilet.


Safety tips

  1. A 24-hour urine collection container may contain preservatives, including strong acids, so avoid contact with hands and skin.
  2. For VMA 24-hour urine, it is necessary to avoid consuming food such as coffee, vanilla, chocolate, banana, and cocoa for 3 days before the test.



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