In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


We are proud to honestly serve people and believe that our goal, after satisfaction of Almighty Allah, is to serve

people and the society. We spare no efforts in this way and ask God to help us with this important. We swear:


  • To do our best to preserve and improve the health of the society through respecting religious principles, and complying with regulations, norms and standards of the society.
  • To always respect professional standards in carrying out our activities and do not scarify the quality for the sake of quantity.
  • To pay full attention to our patients by attempting to efficient use of new technologies and provide quality services.
  • To consider our customers as well understood and fully aware people with human dignity.


May Allah fill our heart and soul with the light of wisdom and enthusiasm about our career and loving all creatures.




Dr Behzad Poopak

DCLS, PhD in Hematology




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