The development of knowledge and technology in the field of molecular medicine, genetic engineering and recombinant DNA, has brought new areas to the attention of researchers every day. In the meantime, new tools and technologies are the key elements in solving the problems of today's medical world. The molecular section of The Payvand Laboratory, which began its activity in 2005, is currently considered one of the most reliable molecular sections in the country. During the visits and audits that are regularly done by internal and external institutions and organizations, the processes of conducting experiments are approved. This section has managed to launch and deliver over 50 new tests in the country for about 10 years. Because The Payvand Laboratory policy always improves service quality and is up to date, the molecular section of this laboratory also employs molecular methods for the diagnosis, treatment, control and prevention of malignant and non-blood-related diseases, bacterial, viral and fungal infectious diseases, coagulation and thrombophilic diseases. Currently, more than 150 different molecular tests on DNA and RNA from various samples including blood, serum, plasma, spinal cord fluid, pathological blocks, peripheral blood smears and bone marrow, etc., are performed using PCR methods, RFLP, RT-PCR, Allele specific PCR, Reverse dot blot, etc., by advanced and automated devices in the molecular section of The Payvand Laboratory.

Important indicators of Molecular Diagnosis department are:

  • Establishing a quality management system in the framework of national and ISO standards (ISO 10002 + ISO 9001)
  • Continuous monitoring of the quality of the tests with respect to internal and external quality control (in some cases)
  • The speed at which molecular testing is performed so that in the case of an emergency, the test time reaches less than 24 hours
  • Significant variation in molecular tests that are unique in the country and even in the countries of the region
  • Employing staff with a minimum degree of postgraduate degree in relevant fields with the necessary knowledge and experience
  • Use of the newest equipment and technology in the world
  • Co-authored by two international pharmaceutical companies to monitor and test the two malignancies (CML) and the KOAR / NRAS mutations





Test Lists


Hematology   Thrombophilia   Tumors

Bacterial Infections   Viral Infections    Fungal Infections   Parasitic Infections



Multiplex PCR


Meningitis-Multiplex PCR               Sepsis-Multiplex PCR

Respiratory Infections-Multiplex PCR             Fungal Infections-Multiplex PCR
































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