Payvand laboratory specimen collection and Sampling department with experienced and compassionate staff taking samples from patients, in a healthy and calm environment. In this department, after verifying and authenticating the patients, their specimen would be collected in accordance with the standard conditions. Various specimens including blood, sputum, urine and other kind of specimen would be collected Based on the required tests and after the various controls and checks, they are prepared and transferred to the laboratory's isolation unit (specimen reception area SRA) under standard conditions in the shortest possible time with the use of the PTS machine. Also in this section, in addition to blood sampling, a nasopharyngeal sample and a sample of wounds and skin lesions for the study of fungi and ... is also collected.

- By the request of the patient, and with prior coordination, sampling can be carried out by trained personnel at the patient home.


Home Blood Draw Service




Our experienced staff will be sent to patient home or office for sampling in order to respect the time of the patient and taking into account the patient's circumstances. The routine for patient sampling at home, including admission, sampling and result procedures, is as follows:

  • Admission

The application can be made as follows:

  1. A) phone call;

This is possible by telephone at 26705812 extension 100 or 132. It is necessary to send the doctor's request image via email, fax or mobile to the laboratory for approval for any type of test, and provide the patient with the necessary explanations regarding the test conditions. Following the telephone call with the requesting person, the patient's address would recorded and immediately contacted for confirmation with the declared number and the conditions for conducting the test would described, the timing of the individual sampling at home is coordinated. Collection staff at home will obtain the cost of the test as well as the doctor’s request form on the same day.

  1. B) In person;

The patient would present to the laboratory and bring the doctor's request form as well. The admission officer performs the admission according to the doctor's request, the necessary explanations are given to the patient in accordance with the test conditions, and the patient's telephone and address would be recorded patient registration will be recorded and the tests cost would receive upon finalization of admission . The time of the home collection would fixed on the same time.

  1. C) Through the web site

After viewing the patient's request, the site administrator, will notify the admission department, and the admission staff will do the phone call with the patient and the rest would be as clause (A).

  1. D) By mobile text

After receiving the patient's request text, Responsible staff for receiving texts, the admission department will informed, the admission staff will do the phone call with the patient and the rest would be as clause (A).

Following the admission of patient tests, labels for tubes and sampling containers are printed and placed at the sampling unit.

  • Sampling/ Home collection
  1. A) Based on the scheduled time for sampling, the specimen collector is required to prepare labeled venipuncture instruments and containers with the required equipment, in coordination with the collection department supervisor, and after recording the time of departure from the laboratory, presented at patient collection home on time. Prior the departure of the collector from the laboratory, the patient would be contacted on the provided phone number and receive the name of the collector and the approximate time the collector would arrive in their place.
  2. B) After the collector has been introduced him or herself, the collection would be carried out, and after assuring that patient is in a favorable conditions, the collector are transferred the specimen to the laboratory as soon as possible under the standard conditions. Collector on site would receive the doctor’s request form and the test cost including the home collection fee.

The above cost includes:

  1. Costs of tests in accordance with the latest tariffs for laboratory services approved by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education
  2. sampling fee in accordance with the tariffs for laboratory services and according to the address range specified in the application for sampling at home
  3. the collector transportation fee


  • Delivery of the test result

The test results can received by the time indicate on the admission receipt and in the shortest amount of time in the following ways.

  1. In person by submitting the receipt to the results department
  2. View through the website (online result)
  3. By courier (patient would be charged with the cost of the courier).
  4. by email
  5. via fax

* It should note that in order to receive the result in one of the above ways, the patient should not have any debt to the laboratory.


Pain Free Blood Draw














New service from Payvand laboratory

For the first time in Iran;

Use of pain reliever during sampling

A device suitable for children and people who have fear of needle and venipuncture.

In order to satisfy the patients, Payvand laboratory is proud to offer a new service. On this basis, it is possible to sample your beloved child in a relaxing and attractive environment for children and using the pain reliever tool in Payvand lab.

Have a comforting time without fear and anxiety and create a pleasant experience of sampling and laboratory space

A gift from the sympathetic colleagues of the laboratory-sampling department to our patients.

Blood Draw Using Vein Founder





The venous trachea or vessel finder, which called Vein Finder, has used to illustrate the vein area. Today, with increasing sensitivity in the health sector, and especially the diagnosis and treatment, the need for using different instruments, even at the earliest steps are aimed to increase the accuracy and success of mutual trust in the therapist and patients. The Vein Finder system is suitable for all age groups of infants, children, adolescents, youth and adults. The use of this device greatly reduces the patient's stress during collection, with providing clearly visible veins for collection; it also lowers the individual's error rate.

Considering the problems such as relying on specific skill of sampling, which may cause ulcer and discomfort of the patient and other unwanted side effects, the vein founder system has features such as the ability to distinguish the most suitable vein from other veins, and the ability to differentiate veins and arteries, Having high speed and finding a vein in less than 5 seconds. Therefore, with this device, it is possible to select the appropriate vein for sampling without any errors. In addition, this device has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is free of any side effects, so it will not cause any concern for the patient.


- For infants because of the sensitivity of blood sampling and the complexity of the veins

- People with varicose veins

- In cases where it is difficult to find a vein due to the narrowing of the veins, contraction of the muscular wall of the veinsl and poor blood supply, as well as the appearance and difficulty of sampling.

- Function: By placingdevice on the skin of desired area and then, by turning on the device, the veins can be seen from inside the V-shaped head of the device.





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