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For comfort of the patients, Payvand Clinical and Specialty Laboratory has launched the online system for obtaining results which allow patients to download their test results through laboratory website.

This can be done using the admission and customer numbers which can be found on your admission paper.

You can see and download your test results through the following link:




Instructions for patients

As soon as your admission is completed, a text message will be sent to your mobile phone containing: 

Your Admission Number:………
Your Customer Number:…….

You may get some information about your test status by sending the admission number through replying to this message.

After receiving the text message if you have Internet access and have completely paid your invoice, you would be able to access your test results through "Online Test Results" on the following link:


You can also go to the test result section through



Steps to get test results online:

1.       Choose your role (Patient, Physician, Laboratory Staff, Partner Laboratories)

2.       Enter your admission number or mobile number

3.       Enter your customer number or national identity number

4.       To save your details please tick the check box

5.       Type the result of the image in the relevant part

6.       Click on “enter” bottom to see and download your results

The Admission and Customer Number can be found on your admission paper which you received at the time of admission.



Instructions for doctors

If you are a doctor or a clinician, you need to use the following link to access the laboratory website to be able to access the online result portal.

You need to enter the patient name and surname in the related boxes as well as your medical ID number in the password box. You will then be directed to the second page where you need to enter your patient details to see the test results. You would be able to view the results online or alternatively download/print them.

In order to get access to this section it is essential that you register with the admission team of Payvand Clinical and Specialty Laboratory at the first step.

It is important to note that your username and password would not be activated and you would receive error of wrong username and password, unless your results have been uploaded. You would still be able to receive your results in hard copy even if you have downloaded them previously.



Educational video for online results









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