Home collection:

For disable patients comfort and convenient, the home collection service was developed. The home collection process includes Admission, Specimen collection and Results.



Admission could process indifferent ways:


  • By phone

For admission by phone please call 02126705812 and then dial 100 or 132. You need to send the Image of your doctor request form by email, Fax or Telegram in order the patient to be admitted, you will receive any details which need to be followed for your test by admission team. After going through admission process by phone, the patient address and phone number would be checked by calling the patient instantly and then the collection time would be booked and fixed, during the call the collection process and condition would be explained for the patients, the time and date of collection would be confirm. The test cost and final adjustments would be organized and the Laboratory payment options would be advised. The Invoice payment should Happen Immediately after the phone call.

The Doctor Request form should be available at the time of collection.

  • In Person

A patient relative or friend should attend the lab with original doctor request form. The patient would be admitted according to the request form and the process would be explained. The patient phone number and address would be recorded and the patient Invoice should be paid at the end the time of collection would be booked and organized.

  • Via Telegram application

Patient should contact the lab Telegram account 989120327263 and mention that you need to have home collection.

The Admission staff would call you and the rest of process would be the same as telephone Home collection booking. 


Specimen Collection

According to your booking time, the phlebotomist would attend the patient house; the phlebotomist would have all needed collection instrument and material in addition to labeled containers to perform the collection.

At the time of arrival at patient home the collector would introduce her and perform the collection and after having assurance on collecting suitable sample would transfer the specimens to the lab immediately under standard condition.

Doctor request form, travelling costs of phlebotomist would be received at the time of collection, and the admission paper would be handed to the patient or the career.

Test and collection cost includes:

  • Test costs was based according to the ministry of public health and medical education Tariff
  • Collection costs was based according of Laboratory Tariff and your address location
  • Phlebotomist traveling costs

Results delivery

The test results could be obtained in the shortest pace of time through:

  • In person by having admission receipt
  • On website (Online result section)
  • By courier ( courier costs should be paid by patient)
  • By email
  • By Fax
  • By telegram application
  • It is good to mention that patient should completely pay the invoice in order to be able to receive the result in any way.








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