Lab Sections

Lab Sections & Departments

Experts at the Payvand Clinical & Specialty laboratory perform all tests in accordance with the latest updated guidelines of the Ministry of Health Reference Laboratory and under the technical supervision of Head of the Lab. In all departments, Comprehensive and continuous quality control programs have been developed in all departments in accordance with the requirements of the Health Reference Laboratory and international standards.

Also, to provide an efficient services in case of emergency, parts of lab are full time and working non-stop from the beginning to the end of the day, which makes it possible to receive samples and run emergency tests during the working hours.

Reception & Result sections are key parts of any medical diagnosis Laboratories. The way these two parts work, overshadows the results of other processes involved in testing and overall laboratory performance. In this regard, the laboratory’s effort is to maximize the prevention of errors before and after testing by employing an experienced and educated technicians.

The Payvand Clinical & Specialty laboratory is one of the leading centers in the field of laboratory diagnostics of diseases which is equipped with the latest equipment in area of clinical, pathology and genetics and also, ready to provide comprehensive services to hospital and laboratory centers.

The sampling department of the Payvand laboratory is giving high quality services with experienced and caring staff in a hygienic environment. In this section, after verification and authentication of clients, sampling of clients is carried out in accordance with standard conditions. Also in this section, the vacuum extraction tube systems used which are manufactured by reputable companies in the world instead of syringes, that in addition providing safety for the clients and Lab. personnel, also affects the quality of the tests.

Experienced Genetics staff at Payvand Clinical & specialty Laboratory  utilizing the latest scientific findings techniques and technologies, to identify prenatal diagnostic activities of chromosomal abnormalities such as Down Syndrome, prenatal diagnosis of thalassemia, cytogenetic diagnosis of infertility, abortion and genetic diagnosis of cancers and other diseases.

The pathology department of the laboratory, equipped with up-to-date equipment and efficient personnel, ready to provide specialized laboratory services in pathology, cytology, immunohistochemistry (IHC) and pathogen frozen section, as requested by physicians in the shortest time and at the highest possible accuracy and maximum accuracy.

The Molecular Section of the Payvand Laboratory, which began operating in 2005, is now one of the most prestigious molecular departments in the country. During examinations and audits by accredited internal and external institutions and bodies, the testing process is repeatedly approved. It has been able to launch and deliver more than 50 new tests in the country over the past 10 years. Since the Payvand lab’s policy is always to improve service quality and to be up-to-date, the molecular part of the lab also imply molecular methods to diagnose, control, flow-up malignant blood and non-blood diseases treatments, bacterial infectious diseases, viruses, Fungi, coagulants and thrombophilia.