Payvand Clinical & Specialty Laboratory

Payvand Clinical & Specialty Laboratory established on August 17, 2004 and is ready to provide top quality diagnostic services by having more than a decade of experience with accuracy and speed in the area of acquired and congenital blood diseases and cancers and malignancies. 

  1. 16 years of Trust & Service

    We thank God that we are in a position to be responsible for serving people. From the point of view of the staff of the Payvand Clinical & Specialty Laboratory, every service provided in the best and most advanced laboratories at any developed countries must also be presented for Iranians. Our staff believe indeed in the nobility, Characteristics and honor of Iranian among the world's citizens, and believe that service at the highest level and in line with the world's highest standards is the right of every human being.

  2. Professional principles, tools for achieving strategic Goals

    The Payvand Clinical & Specialty laboratory is aiming to become a specialized laboratory in the country and area of middle east. One of the mechanisms to achieve this goal is the implementing of professional ethics and human politeness in respect of our clients. On this basis, ethics, customer care, client respect, which is not new and unknown to all intelligent and understanding people becomes a Gold Standard aim of us.

    The Payvand Clinical & Specialty laboratory’s staff on the basis of the same idea and in order to regulate ethics in their professional activities, have put the ethical standards in the laboratory at the top priority of professional work and believing that our goal after serving God is to serve the community.

  3. Continuous improvement, the key to sustainable Development

    Priorities in the area of strategic and strategic goals of the Clinical & Specialty laboratory are continuous improvement of the quality of services offered, improvement of patient safety, clients and staff, improvement of audience satisfaction, continuous training of human resources, development of physical space management, security and equipment management, security and equipment, Expanding laboratory services by modeling the laboratories of developed world countries and optimizing human resource management.

    The following standards have also been addressed in this regard: National Requirements for the Health Reference Laboratory, IMS (ISIRI-ISO 9001, ISIRI-ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001), ISIRI-ISO 10002 and ISIRI-ISO 15189

  4. Comprehensive Diagnostic Center for Blood Diseases

    The Payvand Clinical & Specialty laboratory has tried to provide a distinct and comprehensive service to its Clients by providing specialized services and using the most modern equipment based on complete laboratory automation.

    Therefore, in the third period of expanding services, the quality of service and continuing the path of quality service, creating comprehensiveness in conducting on-demand tests of the respected medical community, Payvand laboratory has made its way into its preset mission and established Pathology and Genetics departments in the years 2017 also, achieved accreditation ISO15189 from the NACI as the first certification body in the Iran, along with specialized Flow cytometry, FISH and Molecular departments pursue its goals.

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We come to your home or workplace for your convenience. 

The Payvand Clinical & Specify laboratory will answer your specialist questions before your visit.

Genetic Counseling

Genetic counseling of The Payvand Clinical & Specify laboratory provides information on the consequences, the nature of the disorders, and the likelihood of an increase in severity or transmission of genetic problems. 

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