National Hepatitis Awareness week; Healthy lifestyle is the most important way to prevent

in Articles, News October 24, 2021

Hepatitis means inflammation and swelling in the liver and is caused by various causes such as the use of certain drugs, alcohol, pathogens such as viruses, or disorders of the immune system and etc. Hepatitis is divided into two types: acute and chronic: Acute hepatitis refers to cases that last less than six months and […]

Tuberculosis and its diagnosis methods

in Articles, News October 15, 2021

Introduction Tuberculosis is one of the most common diseases in world that many people in the world suffer from this disease and medical science has been able to identify and produce special drugs to improve these patients. Certainly, this disease, like other diseases, will require a variety of laboratory diagnostic methods to diagnose the cause […]

Serological Tests in the Detection of SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies

in Articles, Coronavirus (COVID-19), News September 14, 2021

Laboratory diagnosis based on ELISA method Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is an immunochemical test used to measure the antigen of a pathogen or antibody against it. The Payvand Clinical and Specialty laboratory, with its experienced staff and the use of the latest methods in the world, has extensive experience in the development of laboratory diagnosis […]

What is the connection between CoVID-19 and cancer?

in Articles, Coronavirus (COVID-19), News August 18, 2021

The relationship between cancer and CoVID-19 Respiratory infection caused by the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), which has been long known as a global pandemic, puts people at risk for underlying diseases, including cancer. Due to the importance of being, aware of the molecular processes involved as well as finding effective drug therapies for cancer patients against this […]

What makes the Delta covid-19 variant more infectious?

in Articles, Coronavirus (COVID-19), News, News, Coronavirus (COVID-19), Articles August 10, 2021

General Delta virology: Researchers have so far identified more than 20 mutations in the delta variant. Two of the 20 mutations are more effective in transmission; This is called a “double mutant.” A new delta strain of SARS-COV-2 belonging to B.1617 (ineage) has recently increased COVID-19 in India. This new delta is divided into three […]

Genetics’ effect on the sensitivity & severity of CoVID-19

in Articles, Coronavirus (COVID-19), News July 17, 2021

In general, a person’s genetics has an influence on the risk of infection and the severity of symptoms. A large international study has been identified a part of the human genome, that could increase the severity of CoVID-19. SARA-CoV-2 Why do some people get CoVID-19 more severely? Some people develop severe pulmonary symptoms if they […]

ctDNA Following Surgery Predicts Cancer Recurrence

in Articles, News July 10, 2021

Circulating Tumor DNA examination after surgery can predict the recurrence of bladder cancer. A blood test that identifies Circulating Tumor DNA (ctDNA) can predict the risk of recurrence of bladder cancer after surgery, which can be used to prescribe treatment. There are approximately 573,000 bladder cancer patients worldwide, of whom approximately 212,000 died in the […]

Review on the findings of CoVID-19 treatment & prevention

in Articles, Coronavirus (COVID-19), News July 5, 2021

In the days of the CoVID-19 Pandemic, a variety of news is published about the findings of scientists in the field of treatment and prevention of this disease. Some news agencies or social media pages cause people to worry and stress by publishing false news, so it is recommended that people follow the news about […]

National HIV Counseling and Testing Day, HIV Awareness Day

in Articles, Coronavirus (COVID-19), News June 27, 2021

National HIV Counseling and Testing Day First National HIV Counseling & Testing Day (NHTD) established on June 27, 1995. National HIV Testing Day is organized every year in many countries to encourage people to get tested for HIV. Having an HIV test and health information in this area is not only effective in timely treatment […]

Black Fungus and CoVID 19; Rumors and facts

in Articles, Coronavirus (COVID-19), News June 21, 2021

In India, the widespread outbreak of CoVID19 has led to an increase in cases of a deadly fungal infection called mucormycosis, known as “black fungus”. The infection is as dangerous as the media portrays it, but there are various rumors about the source of its spread and treatment on social media, each of which should […]